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Die Casting Resources and guide

JunYi Company is a premier manufacturer of high pressure die castings with a complete line of customer care services. It is our goal to deliver ready-to-install components to our customers. Here you will find answers for many of your questions about die casting. Many of the topics contain links to corresponding pages within our site to provide you with detailed information regarding JunYi high pressure die casting services. We look forward to helping you find the right die casting solution for your components.
1. What is die casting? Die casting is a versatile manufacturing process in which a die casting machine using considerable pressure injects molten metal into a steel mold or die to form products.
2. What capabilities can JunYi provide? We manufacture brass die castings and aluminum die castings supported by value engineering, tooling design and construction, ISO9001 quality management systems, CNC machining services, and assembly services.
3. Who are JunYi customers? JunYi supplies high pressure die castings to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) customers serving a wide variety of industrial, commercial, transportation, agricultural and construction industries.
4. Does JunYi provide custom work? All our die casting products are custom made to the specifications of our customers.
5. What quality certifications does JunYi hold? JunYi is proud to be an ISO 9001:2015 registered company.
6. What type of materials does JunYi work with? We routinely process one Aluminum die casting alloy, Zinc die casting, Magnesium alloys. Other materials are available upon request.
7. What information is needed for an effective RFQ? To develop an accurate quotation for your part we need the following information: A sample part, or a drawing of your part or a 3D model of your part, Which alloy you plan to use, Your EAU (estimated annual usage). A description of your secondary processing requirements such as machining or finishing 8. What are the size limits of JunYi die castings? Depending on the shape of the part we can produce castings weighing as little as an ounce to as much as 6 pounds. 9. What type of tolerances can be met? The standard tolerance for brass die casting is ±0.010" and the standard tolerance for aluminum die casting is ±0.005"; higher levels of tolerance are possible for areas of critical requirements and these can be achieved by special arrangements and planning in the mold design stage. 10. What are the thinnest walls that can be requested for a die cast component? The minimum wall thickness for Brass is 0.055" and for Aluminum it is 0.045". 11. What secondary processing operations are available? Approximately 80% of our castings receive secondary operations ranging from simple cleaning to complex machining and coating finishes. In-House we conduct vibratory de-burring and grit-blast finishing. A broad selection of secondary processing operations is available through our network of approved subcontract suppliers. 12. What type of quality assurance does JunYi provide? Our commitment to stringent quality control is communicated throughout the organization at all levels.  A dedicated, full-scale QC department ensures your custom metal parts are rigorously inspected, tested and quality assured before despatch. Our equipments include CMM, 2.5D Coordinate measurement, Steel Hardness Tester, Screw Gauge, etc.
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