Custom injection molded parts for engineers for low volume runs and production, starting from 50 shots.

Injection Molding Service

Custom injection molded parts for engineers for low volume runs and production, starting from 50 shots.

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Custom molds making & plastic molded parts Rapid tooling short run production

Why engineers use JunYi for injection molding

Instant quoting & quick DFM
We are able to send you a quote 20 minutes or less after received your RFQ on working time for prototypes that less than 10 items on request. If we got RFQ before 10a.m, we'll provide quotes at the same day for prototypes. Normally quotes for tools and production will be provided within 48hours. If you have a plan to get your project move forward, we'd like to provide a quick DFM for your reference free of charge.
Readily available capacity
Benefit from our high precision equipments, comprehensive manufacturing capability and dedicated team, we are standing by your side to get your projects move forward quickly.
Quality & reliability
Dedicated JunYi team to ensure your parts consistently meet your quality expectations. We also offer phone, email and chat support for any concerns or questions you may have.

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Our injection molding capabilities

Name Description
Rapid tools Normally 1-3 weeks to get tools done. Molds with aluminum inserts with a life time of up to 20,000 shots.
Production tools Normally 4-6 weeks to get tools done. Tool life 100K-300K shots or more as per your request.
Single cavity molds Molds containing only one cavity, producing one unit per run.
Molds with side-action cores Cores slide out of the part from the side before it is ejected from the mold. This allows for undercuts to be molded.
Multi-cavity molds Multiple identical cavities are machined into the mold tool. This allows for more parts to be produced per shot, minimizing the unit costs.
Family Molds Several parts are designed into the same mold tool. This allows for the minimization of tooling costs.
Insert molding Inserts are placed into the mold and molding occurs around them. This allows for inserts such as helicoils to be molded in your design.
Overmolding Premade parts are placed into the mold to mold over them. This allows for multi-material injection molding.

Our injection molding service

Name Description
Minimum order quantity 50 shots
Mold base material Tool Steel P20, Carbon Steel S50C, Carbon Steel S45C
Mold inserts material 2738H, 718H, S136H, S136, NAK80, PAK90, SKD61
Mold storage Minimum 2 years
Mold lead time Typically 4-5 weeks
Quality assurance Inspection reports included, full dimensional report and material certifications available upon request.
Design verification program Similar to First Article Inspection, you will receive 2 sets of parts upon the machining of the mold to test fit before continuing with full production.
Mold remachining We can remachine the molds should any changes be required, changes to be reviewed on a case by case basis.
Additional technical support Dedicated JunYi Mechanical Engineer for technical support.